How Will These Videos Help Me?

In an ideal world, we could train together, in person, several hours a day. Doesn't that sound great? Until that day arrives, we need all the help we can get. And that means videos to supplement your training with us.

Our growing library offers video support in T'ai Chi, kung fu, yin yoga, and a few other areas. As a current or former student, your monthly subscription gives you access to ALL of our videos. Every last one. Use them to help jog your memory, find a new detail, or just to help keep you moving.

Woman in T'ai Chi clothes performing Brush Knee.
Taiji and Qigong

Videos to supplement your live training. Includes various qigong, forms and a few tutorials.

Pair of instructors in kung fu uniforms demonstrating a punch and block sequence.
Kung Fu

Videos to supplement your live training. Includes very nearly all of the lower belt material (white through green). More videos coming soon!

Seated yoga instructor holding a white bolster on her lap.
Yin Yoga

Recordings of classes that you can use over and over! Most poses are seated, supported, and held for 1-5 minutes to allow your muscles to release. In this manner we can work into the connective tissue, increase flexibility, and release tension.

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Why Subscribe?

When you subscribe to our reference library, you are directly supporting your teachers and your school. We know that YouTube has a lot to offer, but we believe in a more direct relationship. There are no ads here! You are not the product - the videos are. We thank you for your support!